Balers Choice Hay Preservative

An Improved Buffered Propionic Acid for Baling Hay at Higher Moisture.

Propionic Acid is an Organic Acid naturally occurring in the stomach of Horses and produced many times higher than on treated hay

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Buffering is what we do to Propionic Acid to reduce the pH to 6.0, this ensures we have the only user safe and machinery safe product on the market, see below to see what happens when  operator used a product of 5pH or below on his baler

Baler using Baler’s Choice 6.0 pH no


Baler rust using alternative product low of 5pH or below

Baler's Choice Safe Hay Preservative

During the hay making season, there are many times when it would be great to be able to harvest hay before it is dry enough to bale. Propionic acid has been around for a long time, and if you have ever used it, you know it will keep some pretty tough hay from spoiling. But, you also know how dangerous it is to handle, and how corrosive it is on equipment.

Now there is Baler’s Choice, litre-for-litre it does everything straight propionic acid will do, but without the corrosion or danger with a pH of 6.0 it is about as natural as rain water. Even though the product is a strong mould inhibiting acid, it has been buffered to 6.0 pH, the product contains an added ingredient, Citric acid, to keep colour and smell in moist baled hay.

With Baler’s Choice, hay can be baled within the 16% to 30% moisture window. Get a jump on the weather, reduce leaf shatter, and bale up to 30% more acres per day. It works on all types of hay including grass, alfalfa and even straw, and other crops that are susceptible to spoilage at higher moisture’s. The citric acid in Baler’s Choice helps to retain the colour and the fresh meadow smell associated with quality fresh hay.

Guaranteed analysis:

Active Ingredients:

Propionic Acid
Ammonium Propionic
Citric Acid

For Conventional Small Square and Round Balers


For Large Square Balers

Hay Moisture Litres per Tonne
Under 22% 1.9  Litres/tonne
22% to 25% 3.8 Litres/tonne
26% to 30% 7.6  Litres/tonne
Hay Moisture Litres per Tonne
Under 20% 1.9   Litres/tonne
20% to 23% 2.8  Litres/tonne
24% to 27% 4.7  Litres/ tonne

Baler’s Choice Application Rate is far lower than any other product or straight Propionic Acid on the market.

Comparison Rate:

The application rates:
Baler’s Choice ————————————Straight Propionic Acid
16% to 21%   1.9  litres per tonne                15% to 16% 1 litre per tonne
22% to 26%  3.8 litres per tonne                 16% to 18% 2 litres per tonne
27% to 30%  7.6 litres per tonne                 18% to 20% 4 litres per tonne
———————————————–                20% to 24% 6 litres per tonne
———————————————–                25% to 26% 8 litres per tonne

Two Main Ingredients to Help Make Higher Quality Hay…

Baler’s Choice  two main ingredients:

PROPIONIC ACID: The level of propionic acid in Baler’s Choice is one of the highest on the market. No other ingredients come close to propionic acid in controlling mould and spoilage in hay.

CITRIC ACID: For many years citric acid has been used in human food to retain the colour and freshness. Now citric acid is available to hay producers in Baler’s Choice. Citric acid will help retain greener colour, leaving hay smelling meadow fresh.

Use Baler’s Choice on Conventional Square Bales

Conventional square bales will keep without treatment with moisture’s below 18% in well ventilated storage, and below 16% in poorer storage locations. Baler’s Choice will allow for baling at moisture’s up to 30% on conventional bales. Use Baler’s Choice as a management tool with your conventional square bales to:

- Bale longer and extend your baling  up to 30% longer days baling

- Bale hay on those days when the sun just doesn’t come out.

- Get baling early, start a few hours early and bale longer after the sun has disappeared and make the most of haying weather.

Use Baler’s Choice on Large Round Bales

Baler’s Choice works as well on large round bales as it does on small square bales. Loose core round bales are safe to bale without preservatives at moistures under 18%. Dense core bales are safer under 15% moisture . With the added baling capacity of a round baler, it is important to have a Baler’s Choice applicator to apply preservative. Hay can be baled at moistures up to 30% with large round baler’s. The hours of operation can be extended, although no Preservative product can reduce outside weathering. Baler’s Choice can keep the quality consistent through the entire round bale.

Use Baler’s Choice on Large Square Bales

Large square bales have added productivity to many hay-making operations. They also require a closer watch on moisture, since you have to bale hay at levels under 14% moisture to produce mould and dust free results and without the bales being welded together.

Baler’s Choice has been formulated with the needs of a big square baler operator in mind. By following the label recommendations big square bales can be made that are fresh free of discoloration, dust and mould & without the use of plastic when baled in the 14% to 27% moisture range.

Research has been undertaken using Baler’s Choice on hay in North America, Canada and under UK conditions.

By using Baler’s Choice in accordance with the recommendations on the label, quality consistency can be routine in high capacity Hay baling with a large square baler.

The Whole Baler’s Choice System

(Harvest Tec Inc. manufacturer the applicators and the Baler’s Choice Preservative, we are the UK importer and offer the full service backup on the applicators and the preservative).

The Key to Quality Conserved Long Fibre Forage hay is the whole Baler’s Choice System. For Quality Moist Hay Baler’s Choice must be used in conjunction with the Baler’s Choice Applicator.

The Automatic applicator is designed to accurately apply and optimum coverage of the crop as it is baled. The system measures moisture of the crop to within one moisture point of accuracy and measures the speed baling to ensure no over or under treatment of Baler’s Choice. The applicator will apply to within 0.1 litre per tonne not only to moisture but also to baling speed.

The applicator eliminates wastage of product and ensures that those wet spots in the bale are fully treated. The operator has only to monitor the new Touch-Screen to ensure that the actual rate of application is matching the target rate of application. If actual rate does not match or the alarm sounds the operator must stop baling.

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